Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Start Your Day with Hotel Shahar Palace 

The Hotel Shahar Palace is not your regular hotel. It is a part of a great history of battles, descendents and royalty. With many territorial going on in the time of Mughal and Maratha, the history of the Shahar has been one of generation to generation and descendent to descendent.

There were many battles and war fought over the possession of the Shahar fort because of his position in the jaipur’s border, but all of them were victorious by the side of the ones who started and the ones who are still in charge of it.

So when you book your home stay here at the Shahar Palace heritage hotel, make sure to talk to everyone around you and discover just how much of history there is behind this budget hotel.

With all of the comfort you can expect from a traditional jaipur palace, this bed and breakfast stay can offer you a great experience to explore this city with all of its palaces and temples while staying in a palace yourself.

And after an entire day of excursion around the city and seeing all of the colors that you wish to see, when you come back to your guest house here at the Hotel Shahar Palace all of its gardens are just for what you need to relax and let your head rest a little while you sink in everything that you saw during your busy perambulation day. Inside, you will find plenty of open spaces everywhere in the building, making it very relaxing. Afterward the only thing you need and that is a good dinner to finish your day in the proper manner. So just come on over here and give your preference of what you want for dinner between the classic India and Rajasthani cuisine and the continental cuisine and enjoy a chilled out night.

Now is not difficult to find hotel and guest house in jaipur as per your choice. Just start your day with us.