Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Hotel Shahar Palace - Stay in Comfort and Style
Whenever you are coming to jaipur for a getaway of your usual routine it is important to make sure you’ll get the best out of your trip. So first plan yourself to go to the correct places to provide you the complete experience: where you can dive into the environment of palaces, forts, temples and colors more which give you pleasure. That would be the correct way to experience and presume the accurate winds of the city about where you have planed.

So why should choose a hotel in jaipur which is different from all of that? If you're going for the full package, sleep in it and live it during every day that you are here.

The best way to get you even more in love with the place by waking up every morning in the heritage hotel Shahar Palace contemplating the palace gardens while you think about what you are going to do and where to go during your day in this peaceful atmosphere we offer: a hotel in jaipur that situates itself apart from others by offering the traditional Rajasthani welcome with a great amount of Indian food to offer as well as continental so that your comfortable trip is truly complete by staying in a calm and quiet place next to many strategic points of the city. The hotel has a very friendly environment and provides a host of facilities to its guests. The personnel are very congenial to the guests and give a warm feeling to them.

If you want to be a part of this amazing travel destination that was once used by a royal family of jaipur history, make sure to get in touch with us to book your next trip in a traditional heritage hotel in jaipur and enjoy.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Start Your Day with Hotel Shahar Palace 

The Hotel Shahar Palace is not your regular hotel. It is a part of a great history of battles, descendents and royalty. With many territorial going on in the time of Mughal and Maratha, the history of the Shahar has been one of generation to generation and descendent to descendent.

There were many battles and war fought over the possession of the Shahar fort because of his position in the jaipur’s border, but all of them were victorious by the side of the ones who started and the ones who are still in charge of it.

So when you book your home stay here at the Shahar Palace heritage hotel, make sure to talk to everyone around you and discover just how much of history there is behind this budget hotel.

With all of the comfort you can expect from a traditional jaipur palace, this bed and breakfast stay can offer you a great experience to explore this city with all of its palaces and temples while staying in a palace yourself.

And after an entire day of excursion around the city and seeing all of the colors that you wish to see, when you come back to your guest house here at the Hotel Shahar Palace all of its gardens are just for what you need to relax and let your head rest a little while you sink in everything that you saw during your busy perambulation day. Inside, you will find plenty of open spaces everywhere in the building, making it very relaxing. Afterward the only thing you need and that is a good dinner to finish your day in the proper manner. So just come on over here and give your preference of what you want for dinner between the classic India and Rajasthani cuisine and the continental cuisine and enjoy a chilled out night.

Heritage hotel in jaipur and a green guest house enriched with world class facilities makes Hotel shahar palace.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Budget Hotels in Jaipur Gives It Really Good

One of the biggest tourist attractions is India and jaipur is the city of that largest state which is famous for many historical places. Jaipur has a lot to offer when it comes to hospitality. Its royal heritage and easy connectivity has turned this place in a hot spot of travel and tourism which gave rise to several other industries along with it. Hospitality is one of the major domains that recently took off in this region. The city offers its guests with all kind of accommodations that range from world class heritage hotels to budget hotels with bed and breakfast. Most of the hotels present here ensure a home like stay along with bread and breakfast. Along with all basic amenities, these hotels are known for their close proximity to city’s heart.

Whatever be your purpose of visiting the Jaipur, be travel and tourism it, business, functions, conferences, or conventions, you can always acquire a comfortable accommodation at very economical prices. The infrastructure offered by these hotels is remarkable which enhances comfort level of your stay giving guests one of the most memorable stays of their lives. In case you wish to enjoy the royal culture and heritage of this place along with your stay you can always opt for a heritage hotel. The city is full of heritage hotels that excel in offering regal Rajputana atmosphere at all price ranges.

Hotel Shahar Palace is a medium budget hotel that is located in heart of the city in civil lines. Along with all basic and standard amenities, the place is known for its serene environment, lush green atmosphere, Rajasthani cuisine, and interiors designed in Rajputana style that let you experience the real essence of royalty that ruled here for centuries. The palace served as a residence to an ex-army officer whose family is known for dedicating their lives to nation for centuries. The hotel offers several other privileges to its guests that include camp fires, village safari, and complimentary pick up from stations, and so forth. If you searching budget hotels in Jaipur then visit this site:

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hotel Shahar Palace

Hotel Shahar Palace
Welcome to Hotel Shahar Palace, a verdant island of calm in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Pink City, Jaipur.

Shahar Palace, a medium budget hotel in Jaipur, is located in civil lines, an area which is considered to house some poshest people of Jaipur. Besides the grand residences of Chief Minister and Governor of Rajasthan, the area is renowned for its greenery, peace and quiet ambiance. After spending the day exploring the city, you can come back and relax in an environment that is designed to please. Shahar Palace is one of the best medium budget hotel in Jaipur, and has lately become quite popular amongst tourists who travel alone or with family.

It is conveniently located at a distance of a kilometer from railway station and the bus stand. Hotel Shahar palace has also been recommended as one of the best budget Jaipur hotel by the lonely planet guide to Rajasthan & a Japanese guide book.